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October 2022 Village Care Center COVID-19 Updates

Village Care Center COVID-19 Cases

As of Oct. 31, 2022
The following report summarizes the daily number of new COVID-19 cases at the Village Care Center. The data is updated when new cases are reported. Cumulative totals can be found in the Communication Updates section. If you have questions, please reach out to Tami Hoversten, administrator, at 816-347-2414 or [email protected].

Because COVID-19 infection rates are dropping both at John Knox Village and in the surrounding community, the Village Care Center is suspending its daily COVID-19 case updates and will begin posting only when a positive case occurs.

  • Oct. 1: No new cases.
  • Oct. 2: No new cases.
  • Oct. 3: One resident tested positive.
  • Oct. 4: No new cases.
  • Oct. 5: No new cases.
  • Oct. 6: No new cases.
  • Oct. 7: Two residents tested positive.
  • Oct. 8: One resident tested positive.
  • Oct. 9: No new cases.
  • Oct. 10: Eleven residents tested positive.
  • Oct. 11: One resident tested positive.
  • Oct. 12: Five residents tested positive.
  • Oct. 13: No new cases.
  • Oct. 14: One associate tested positive.
  • Oct. 15: One resident tested positive.
  • Oct. 16: No new cases.
  • Oct. 17: Three residents and an associate tested positive.
  • Oct. 18: No new cases.
  • Oct. 19: No new cases.
  • Oct. 20: No new cases.
  • Oct. 21: A resident tested positive.
  • Oct. 22: No new cases.
  • Oct. 23: No new cases.
  • Oct. 24: No new cases.
  • Oct. 25: No new cases.
  • Oct. 26: No new cases.
  • Oct. 27: No new cases.
  • Oct. 28: No new cases.
  • Oct. 29: No new cases.
  • Oct. 30: No new cases.
  • Oct. 31: No new cases.
  • Communication Updates

Email updates are sent to the families and responsible parties of Village Care Center residents. If you have a question, please contact Tami Hoversten, administrator, at [email protected]. If you would like to see the communication updates from 2020, please email [email protected].

Oct. 28, 2022

I want to update you about the ongoing presence of COVID-19 at the Village Care Center and across the John Knox Village campus.

There has been a Village-wide resurgence of the coronavirus on our campus in the last couple of months. Here at the VCC, we started having a regular stream of new cases in mid-September, mostly just one or two at a time. The pace picked up in mid-October. All together, we have had 43 resident cases in the building during September and October. Unfortunately, it entered the memory care neighborhood this month. Those who live in our memory care unit tend to be at advanced stages of their dementia – which makes social distancing and mask-wearing VERY difficult to maintain – and they frequently also have serious underlying health conditions. Many also are on hospice care during their time with us. I am very sad to report that we have had eight COVID-related deaths.

We care deeply about our residents and their families, and it is just heartbreaking that despite our best efforts, COVID-19 is continuing to cause this kind of impact on these lives. At the Village Care Center, we are continuing to follow infection control protocols as required by regional, state and federal regulations, but as prior experience has shown us, even with the vaccines available, once the virus makes its way into the building, it is very difficult to contain it.

Here’s an update on COVID-19 other parts of the Village:

Village Assisted Living also is in the midst of an outbreak. Theirs began in early September; it has, so far, stayed out of their memory care neighborhoods, which is a very good thing. Since Sept. 7, a total of 29 assisted living residents have tested positive. Most have isolated in their apartments until they recover, though two did end up hospitalized for COVID. As of today, assisted living has only one active case.

In Independent Living, 24 residents have reported COVID+ results during September and October. Of those, only four cases are still active. There have been seven hospitalizations and zero resident COVID-related deaths during this time.

Associates – During this same time period, 32 associates from many parts of the Village have tested positive. There is currently one active associate case. We are continuing to follow protocols regarding testing, isolation, and returning to work, based on where they work at the Village.

I know it’s easy to feel a sense of helplessness when COVID-19 rears its head, but when we all make an effort at the same time, we really can make a difference in reducing the spread of this virus. You can help protect your family and friends, as well as those of us at the Village, by:

  • Staying up to date with your vaccinations by getting the new bivalent booster shot, if you haven’t already.
  • Also, if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, please consider getting that, as well.
  • Wash your hands, frequently.
  • Wear a mask when appropriate.
  • The Village Care Center still has a mask mandate. You must wear a mask inside the VCC at all times.
  • Practice social distancing when you can.
  • If you experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID, please call your physician to discuss the best course of action.
  • If you test positive, and have been here recently to visit, please notify me as soon as you know.
  • If you test positive or have been exposed to someone who as, please do not come into this building. We can help set up a video visit, instead.

Thank you, and please stay safe.


Oct. 11, 2022

Since I last wrote, we have continued follow-up testing related to cases that were discovered on Sept. 19.  For the most part, we have continued discovering one or two new cases every couple of days. This week, however, the pace has picked up. Even though the Jackson County numbers are low, we are seeing a lot of activity here. Until further notice, masks must be worn at all times inside the Village Care Center. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of wearing your mask.

  • The Village Care Center has had 15 new positive resident cases discovered since Friday – including our scheduled testing yesterday morning.
  • Altogether, there have been 30 positive resident cases since Sept. 19. We have one resident who is still considered an active case, from previous testing, so there are currently 15 active VCC resident cases. The rest have recovered.
  • Most of our COVID+ residents are up to date on their vaccines, are having mild to moderate symptoms and are isolating in the memory care unit.
  • Additional COVID-19 follow-up testing in the 300 hall and the one affected hall in Long Term Care is scheduled for tomorrow (Oct. 12) and every 48 hours until we go 14 days without a new positive. Anyone who exhibits symptoms will also be tested.
  • If you have a family member in the Village Care Center who has tested positive, please encourage them to stay isolated, to protect the health of other residents.

Visitation: Currently Jackson County (Mo.) has a “low” or “green” community transmission rate. We are no longer screening visitors to the Village Care Center. Current guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the CDC state that having residents test positive will not affect your ability to visit. These guidelines say that we are to inform loved ones of the presence of positive cases, and the risks associated with visiting (including being exposed to COVID-19), and it is then up to the visitors to assess the risk and decide on whether to visit.

There does continue to be a concern, though, that residents are being exposed by outside sources. This brings me to share these reminders:

  • Until further notice, masks must be worn at all times inside the Village Care Center.
  • Please do not come to visit if you are not feeling well, including the following symptoms: Congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, body aches, fever, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of taste/smell, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
  • The most common symptoms we are seeing in those who test positive are: Sinus congestion, coughing, sore throat, and joint pain (often without a fever).  Do not assume that what you are experiencing is allergies or a sinus infection.
  • Before You Visit: If you or someone you have associated with has tested positive for COVID-19 we ask – based on CDC recommendations – that you not visit until:
    • You are 10 days after a positive COVID-19 test AND are symptom-free, OR
    • You are at least 5 days past your exposure or positive test result, AND you now have a negative COVID-19 test.
    • IN ADDITION, even if you test negative, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask around others throughout the 10-day precautionary period following exposure or the positive test.
    • Why? We can still develop COVID-19 up to 10 days after we have been exposed – and can test negative for several days after symptoms have begun.
  • Please notify us if you test positive or develop symptoms within 2 days of visiting the VCC.

Why such strict recommendations? The reason we are so careful with our residents is that COVID-19 affects them in a harsher manner than younger people.  So someone who is older, who has underlying health conditions, and/or may be immunocompromised will be more likely to have harsh symptoms.
As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your help in keeping our residents safe and healthy.

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