More than a Village. A home.

A senior couple and their daughter

Our residents are proof that life at the Village is all about setting a rhythm all your own. They’ve found an ideal place to live the lifestyle they want in retirement, and they’re not shy about telling others.

Meet the folks who make John Knox Village an extraordinary place to live. Schedule a visit with us by filling out our contact form or by calling (816) 892-4294.

Take it from those who know us best.

You might say my feelings and experiences with John Knox Village constitute a “love affair.” From the moment I decided to make the Village my forever home, I’ve known nothing but total joy, rich fulfillment and utter satisfaction. The associates at all levels bring so many levels of expertise, offering multiple services and opportunities so that residents enjoy a healthy and complete life and lifestyle. I’m incredibly blessed to call John Knox Village my home and the residents and associates friends and family.

Carol Hyatt Bolin

A top priority for me are areas of Lifelong Learning with outside guest presentations and lectures as well as Great Courses programs. Also, the Village invites residents to participate in art, music, theatre, creative crafts and more. Indeed, a palette of possibilities.

Barbara Shepherd

Multiplicity of activity choices at John Knox Village was the spark 14 years ago that lit the fire under our desire to choose the Village over eight other communities we visited.

Seniors might feel useless or unneeded in some settings, but not at John Knox Village. As a retired teacher/librarian, I missed this role. TED Talks had long been a tool for my own acquisition of information. I suggested a TED Talks group here and, to my joy, I help facilitate the group here and the number of participants has quadrupled since we began.

Virginia Levin

I’ve enjoyed being part of five Resident Council committees, which help get current and correct information to all residents. I’ve had the opportunity to chair both Health Services and Resident Services committees, and it’s a great way to stay abreast of Village plans and news.

My personal favorite activity is being part of the John Knox Village Community Theater. It’s fun acting as someone I’m not, learning lines – which is good for the brain – and working with others who are also having fun. Our audiences have grown so much, and we love seeing them enjoy our efforts.

Martha Wood

Music has been a part of our lives for 63 years. Music lifts spirits and helps us through life’s challenges. At the Village, we’ve been involved in the music department, which has brought us such joy with the groups we can be involved in. With the groups we’re involved in, we can see how important music is with those in the memory care and assisted living neighborhoods.

Ferrell and Nancy Adkins

John Knox Village has seven different eating places on the campus. Each location has a unique menu. Our favorite is Places Restaurant. The menu items are what we most enjoy, and the dining experience is very pleasant.

Almost six years ago, during our first visit to John Knox Village during a marketing event, we ate at Places. One thing we quickly noticed was that the servers were addressing the residents by their first names. That really impressed us! It made it seem like the residents were at home eating at their kitchen table. Over the years, we’ve become acquainted with several restaurant managers and servers, and enjoy visiting with them daily.

Eating at the Village restaurants isn’t only about the food; it’s also about the friendliness and fellowship.

Don and Bonnie Berkihiser

The Meadows indoor pool is fantastic! It’s large, clean and bright, providing the perfect place for me to do my water exercises. The high ceiling and walls of windows make it more beautiful than any resort we’ve ever stayed in. I love using the pool, and I’m not even a swimmer!
– Laura

The state-of-the-art equipment in the fitness center makes it the perfect place for me to do my workout. The entire campus staff at the Village is nice and friendly. They seem to be consistent in hiring the right people who will fit into the John Knox Village philosophy of customer service.
– Jerry

Jerry and Laura Vernon

John Knox Village is an excellent community for long-term care. My parents had lived in independent living for about 10 years when my dad became ill. When he was in the hospital and it was time to engage Village Hospice, the team made his transition home and his last few days so simple for the family. They were very loving to the entire family during that transition. When Mom was ready to move to Village Assisted Living, it just took one phone call to get everything in motion. We toured apartments and, within one week, had Mom smoothly transitioned to Village Assisted Living. The Village staff are very caring and made my sister and me feel comfortable and safe knowing she’s well cared for. The Village has been a blessing to our family.

Julie, daughter

My folks, Joyce and Howie Caldwell, moved to John Knox Village from the East Coast in 1997 while still in their late 70s. They chose Kansas City because they wanted to live closer to me and my family, and they settled on John Knox Village because it checked all the boxes.

They were very involved in all sorts of activities at the Village and lived in a beautiful home on Rose Court in independent living until my father died in 2015, at age 94. Within a year, my mother moved into a lovely two-bedroom apartment. About two years after that, she moved to Village Assisted Living for six months, and she has now been in the Village Care Center for two years.

At 97 she’s still going strong, and I attribute a lot of that to the fine care and personal attention she has received from the Village staff. My parents chose the Village because they didn’t want to burden their children with making those difficult health care decisions late in their lives. We are eternally grateful for that.

It’s been such a blessing for our entire family to know that my folks have been well cared for throughout their later years. We have highly recommended the Village to many people and can’t say enough about their commitment to elder care and encouraging quality of life.

We are definitely “Village People!”

Cyd, daughter