Outpatient Rehabilitation

Village Outpatient Therapy located near 50 Highway and Chipman Rd., in Lee’s Summit, provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in our outpatient care clinic. We serve patients from the surrounding metro area, as well as John Knox Village residents. Our clinic team understands how mature bodies respond differently, and they are aware of injuries, disorders and disease processes common to older adults.

Village outpatient therapy works with you, your physician, and your family to develop a personalized set of goals along with a treatment plan to help you achieve them.

Behind the Scenes with Outpatient Therapy at John Knox Village

older man, stretching outside

LSVT BIG® & LSVT LOUD® for Movement Disorders

All of our outpatient therapists are certified to provide LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD® therapies. This national, evidence-based program uses communication and movement therapies to help improve quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.
Both therapies are covered by Medicare Part B and most private health insurance plans.

LSVT BIG® Movement Therapies

This physical and occupational therapy program emphasizes larger movements to:

  • Improve walking speed and cadence
  • Decrease risk of falling (better balance)
  • Improve foot clearance (reduce shuffling)
  • Enhance posture
  • Aid in performing ADLs with greater ease

LSVT LOUD® Speech Therapy

This speech therapy program emphasizes:

  • Greater vocal volume and projection
  • Increased speech clarity
  • Improvement of facial expressions
  • Variation and calibration of speech

LSVT BIG® and LOUD® Therapies

A referral from your physician is needed. We can help.

The Village Outpatient Therapy clinic is located at: 500 NW Murray Rd. in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Contact Village Outpatient Therapy at 816-944-3280 or [email protected].