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October 2021 Village Care Center COVID Updates

Village Care Center COVID-19 Cases

October 2021

The following report summarizes the daily number of new COVID-19 cases at the Village Care Center. The data is updated when new cases are reported. Cumulative totals can be found in the Communication Updates section. If you have questions, please reach out to Tami Hoversten, administrator, at 816-347-2414 or [email protected].

  • Oct. 1: No new cases.
  • Oct. 2: No new cases.
  • Oct. 3: No new cases.
  • Oct. 4: No new cases.
  • Oct. 5: No new cases.
  • Oct. 6: No new cases.
  • Oct. 7: No new cases.
  • Oct. 8: No new cases.
  • Oct. 9: No new cases.
  • Oct. 10: No new cases.
  • Oct. 11: No new cases.
  • Oct. 12: A vaccinated student has tested positive.
  • Oct. 13: No new cases.
  • Oct. 14: No new cases.
  • Oct. 15: No new cases.
  • Oct. 16: No new cases.
  • Oct. 17: No new cases.
  • Oct. 18: No new cases.
  • Oct. 19: No new cases.
  • Oct. 20: No new cases.
  • Oct. 21: No new cases.
  • Oct. 22: No new cases.
  • Oct. 23: No new cases.
  • Oct. 24: No new cases.
  • Oct. 25: No new cases.
  • Oct. 26: No new cases.
  • Oct. 27: No new cases.
  • Oct. 28: No new cases.
  • Oct. 29: No new cases.
  • Oct. 30: No new cases.
  • Oct. 31: No new cases.


A Message From the Administrator

Oct. 1, 2021

Good news out of the VCC camp!

We remain open to indoor visits.  Our last resident COVID-19 positive case was on Sept. 10, so there will be no further rounds of resident testing scheduled unless a resident exhibits symptoms or has an exposure.  Our last associate COVID+ was on Sept. 16.  Vaccinated associates will now only need to be tested if the develop symptoms or have an exposure. We will continue to test unvaccinated associates twice a week until Jackson County ceases to have a “red” positivity status.

So what have we been doing?  Well, the Main Dining Room is now open for breakfast and lunch.  We are seeing many residents venturing out of there room to visit with friends and enjoy a meal.  The salon is open, we are loving all of the new fresh new haircuts and “do’s!”

We also are now able to have larger group activities, which is great for morale.  This week I was excited to watch music bingo, take part in a spelling bee (who knew we had such great spellers in the VCC), and our biggest event this week: ELVIS WAS IN THE BUILDING!  For the first time in 18 months we were able to bring in a performer from the outside and allow residents to enjoy a concert.  Although I enjoyed the music, my heart was so happy to see the residents smiling, laughing, singing along with Elvis, and dancing in their seats.

Honestly, I am not sure who enjoyed Elvis more – the associates or the residents.  I actually had several associates come tell me how watching the residents enjoying themselves absolutely made their day.

This has been a long time coming.  I realize we are not fully out of the woods yet. And I know that if we have another positive, that would take us back to isolation again. So we are going to embrace and enjoy the activities and our time with visitors, and with each other – and Elvis – in the building.

Next week’s plan:  An Octoberfest celebration with some traditional treats and activities.

Just a few visiting reminders:

  • Visiting hours must be followed so that we can ensure proper screenings and procedures.
  • Masks must be worn the entire time you are inside of the Village Care Center.
  • Visits must take place in the resident’s room.
  • If, for some reason, your loved one is placed on isolation, we will contact you and discuss visitation options.

Since Jackson County is still considered a “red-level” county in terms of positive cases, we all need to remain diligent in infection control, both inside and outside of the Village Care Center.  Our goal is to remain open to visitors while keeping our resident safe.

One final note:  We have not received instructions from the national level regarding procedures for third COVID-19 vaccination shots or boosters for residents or for associates. We are continuing to monitor all local, county, state and federal agencies for guidance. We know that it takes time to put together a well-thought out and coordinated plan of action, so we are being patient. When we know more, we will let you know what it means for older adults, for our community, and for John Knox Village.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe!


Communication Updates

Email updates frequently are sent to the families and responsible parties of Village Care Center residents. If you have a question, please contact Tami Hoversten, administrator, at [email protected]. If you would like to see the communication updates from 2020, please email [email protected].