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How Independent Living Provides a Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors

Multiethnic group of happy senior friends

Studies have shown that lifestyle has more of an impact on aging than genetics. When you take a holistic approach to retirement at a community like John Knox Village, it can make it much easier to maintain your independence and have more control over your well-being.

See how these three benefits of independent living for seniors can add up to a healthy and enriched lifestyle that’s easy to maintain throughout your retirement.

1. Discover the perfect fitness routine

When you’re busy with work and family, it’s easy to let your fitness routine slide. Now that you’re retired, you can find the perfect workout and experience incredible benefits that reach beyond your physical health. Here are just a few ways adding exercise to your daily routine can have a big impact on your overall health:

Bone-loss prevention. Both men and women lose bone density as they age. Strength training has been shown to decrease bone loss and increase bone density. This leads to improved balance and strength, which can increase your mobility and decrease your risk of falls and fall-related injuries.

Pain relief. More movement can help lessen the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. You can have a fun and easy workout that’s also gentle on your joints by taking a dip in the pool.

Improve cardiovascular health. It only takes 30 minutes of moderate daily  exercise to improve your heart health. Brisk walking on a treadmill or walking path, swimming and even gardening are great ways to get your heart pumping.

Better mood and improved self-confidence. Simply put, exercise makes you feel good. It can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, help you feel more relaxed and give your self-confidence a big boost. You’ll be surprised how much purpose and pride you feel by setting fitness goals and achieving them.

At John Knox Village, we make finding the right fitness routine easy with a fully equipped fitness center and a plethora of fitness activities. Gentle Waves, tai chi, balance classes and Golden-n-Groovin’ are just a few ways for you to discover which workout is right for you.

2. Find healthy, delicious and convenient dining options

A healthy diet can boost your immunity, help you manage your weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, keep your blood sugar in check and improve your energy levels. However, resisting your favorite candy bar while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or sprinkling an extra bit of salt into your meal as you’re cooking can be hard to resist.

One of the best benefits of independent living for seniors is a variety of dining options. At our senior living community in Kansas City, MO, we have seven distinct restaurants that offer unique dining experiences that serve delicious and nutritious food.

For example, you can dine on deli-style favorites at the Lakeside Grille, enjoy a latté at The Coffee Shoppe, relax with full-service dining at Courtyard Café, or feel like a true foodie at Metropolitan, a restaurant that offers a taste of flavors from around the world.

Don’t worry, we’re all about balance at John Knox Village. While our menus are filled with mouthwatering, healthy dining options, we still showcase an incredible assortment of sweet treats and comfort foods, like fish and chips and crème brûlée.

3. Build lasting friendships with people who have like interests

Loneliness can have a big impact on your physical and mental health, and can cause depression, high blood pressure and increased cognitive decline. Plus, it can be difficult to find opportunities to interact with other seniors who have similar interests.

Seniors who don’t get enough social activity are also known to skip meals to avoid eating alone, which leads to unhealthy weight loss and poor nutrition.

At senior living communities like John Knox Village, our residents are always ready to welcome a new friend and neighbor. From the moment you step foot in our community you’ll feel right at home. Plus, we have a variety of activities and events to make it easy to meet new people.

Here are just a few ways you can always find a friend in our senior living community:

  • Attend a lifelong learning program.
  • Grab a drink and a bite to eat with your neighbors at our Stories Public House.
  • Add your skills to a music group.
  • Share your wisdom at the community garden.
  • Invite your neighbors to cast their line with you at the fishing lake.
  • Show off your creativity in our arts and crafts studio.
  • Perfect your swing on our golf course and join a tournament.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra time on yourself. We have three  full-service independent living salons that offer manicures, pedicures, the latest hair services and more.


Learn More About the Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors at John Knox Village

A healthy and happy retirement is a journey, and it starts at our senior living community in Kansas City, MO. To find out how you or a loved one can benefit from becoming a resident at John Knox Village, and learn about our exciting new Meadows Expansion, call us at 816-892-4294 or contact our team online. We can’t wait to connect with you!