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Village Hospice Carries Out Its Mission to Serve Our Nation’s Veterans

“We believe that veterans deserve health care professionals who understand how service in our military can impact their physical and mental health, and how that can vary based on the era during which they served,” said Ketti Dawson, Village Hospice administrator.

Through the “We Honor Veterans” program, Village

Hospice provides ongoing staff training about the unique needs of veterans and their families as the end of life nears. This allows them to provide an added layer of personalized care, assistance in accessing veteran-related resources and benefits, and ceremonies to recognize and honor their service as a deeply significant part of their life.

For example, each veteran cared for by Village Hospice is presented with a pin, a personalized certificate of appreciation for their military service, and a star from a retired United States flag. Those who served during the Vietnam conflict also receive a certificate of thanks from a grateful nation, an official ‘Welcome Home,’ and a commemorative pin. And on Veterans Day, this year, each Village Hospice veteran patient will be presented with a patriotic dreamcatcher, to inspire peaceful dreams, and a Veterans Day certificate.

“These moments are often profound,” Ketti said. “Sometimes we underestimate the power of ceremony.” To learn more about Village Hospice – your John Knox Village hospice agency – call 816-525- 0986 or email [email protected].