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6 Common Myths About Living in a Retirement Community

Thoughtful senior man

For some seniors, contemplating a move to a retirement community suggests a dull life in an impersonal setting. But today’s retirement communities in Kansas City are different. They offer dynamic environments where busy, engaged seniors can live on their own terms and flourish. So, if you’ve resisted the idea of living in a retirement community because of misconceptions about senior living, here are some myth-busting facts to bring you up to speed.


Myth #1: Retirement Communities Are for the Old and Infirm

More and more seniors are choosing to leave behind the responsibilities of homeownership so they can enjoy maintenance-free living in their retirement years. These seniors are active and involved — in their careers, their communities, their travels — and enjoy the convenience of amenities and services that simplify life, so they have more time to do what they love.

At John Knox Village, snow removal, year-round groundskeeping, and housekeeping for apartment homes are just some of the services that give residents the freedom to follow their own pursuits.

Myth #2: Senior Living Residents Give Up Their Independence

Senior living communities are designed to support independence. Residents can do what they enjoy, go where they want and spend time with the people they love. And, when they need time to themselves, they can relax in the comfort of their private homes.

Residents of John Knox Village are free to create the life they want. They bring their cars, and their pets. They invite family and friends to enjoy the community’s dining venues and recreational facilities. And with more than 70 independent living floor plans to choose from, they’re free to create the living space that suits their unique style, too.

Myth # 3: Retirement Communities Are the End of the Line

A retirement community offers a fresh start. Fellow residents become new friends; wellness programs and fitness classes offer new ways to stay in shape. Classes and clubs promote lifelong learning and opportunities to enjoy favorite hobbies or try new ones.

At John Knox Village, our holistic approach to wellness ensures enriching opportunities that support multidimensional well-being and a vibrant retirement lifestyle.

Myth #4: The Food Is Bad

If you’re concerned about a diet consisting of overcooked vegetables and stewed fruit, don’t worry. Many of today’s retirement communities offer fresh, chef-prepared meals and multiple dining options.

At John Knox Village, seven different dining venues give residents a smorgasbord of mouthwatering, satisfying and nutritious options, from comfort foods at Fireside Dining to specialty coffees at The Coffee Shoppe and epicurean fare at Metropolitan.

Myth #5: Aging in Place Is More Affordable

Aging in place can seem like a sound financial plan, especially if your home is paid off. But the costs of aging in place may be higher than expected. If your health declines, as time goes on, you’ll likely have to pay for more and more services around your house — or depend on family and friends. You may have to modify your home to accommodate declining mobility or other health care needs. In addition, your health may change, making it advisable to find in-home care. Yet at a full-service retirement community, these services — and more — are typically included in the monthly fee. In addition, the homes are built to suit older adults. Plus, some full-service communities offer a continuum of care, so if your needs change, you can get the appropriate care in the same community.

John Knox Village is a Life Plan Community. Independent living residents enjoy services and amenities that make life easier as they age, plus they have access to a continuum of long-term care at predictable rates if their health care needs change. And with a variety of financing options, floor plans and contracts, residents can make choices that fit their preferred budgets and lifestyle preferences.

Myth #6: Moving Is Too Hard

Moving is daunting at any time of life, but it’s actually easier when you’re healthy, active, and able to make your own decisions about where you want to live next. John Knox Village simplifies the process even more with our Moving Assistance Program (MAP). Professionals help you prepare your home for selling, sort and pack your belongings, and transport them to your new home at John Knox Village.


Expanding the Possibilities

John Knox Village has a 50-year history of enhancing the lives of seniors. As a not-for-profit retirement community, we invest in our community, striving to create an enriching environment that’s full of possibilities. Our most recent efforts can be seen in The Meadows, where new one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment homes are currently under construction. Contact us to learn about the many possibilities for a thriving retirement lifestyle that await you at the Village.