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The Power of Music for Adults

Happy senior woman listening to music on a porch with her dog

Your unique cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs can all be addressed through music. It can ignite passion, fire up your creativity and soothe your spirit, no matter your interests, abilities, age or skill level.

If you’re an older adult, music can be especially powerful and wide-ranging. Instead of thinking of your favorite tunes as pure entertainment, consider these 7 benefits of music that can help lead to a higher quality of life.

1. Decrease symptoms of depression

The variety of rhythms in classical and jazz music are deeply relaxing and stimulate the theta waves in your brain. This can lead to an elevated mood and reduced stress. In fact, a recent study found listening to jazz in music therapy sessions had above-average benefits for people with depression.

Not into those particular musical genres? Join a music group and bang on the drums. The same study also shows that drum circles can also significantly decrease symptoms of depression.

2. Improve brain health

Listening to music has positive effects on every part of your brain. For instance, music has been shown to enhance the function of your frontal and temporal lobes, help you process emotions by activating your amygdala, and improve your memory by increasing the production of neurons in your hippocampus.

Music memory is held in the cerebellum and is very resistant to dementia. The right music brings forth lost memories and can help nonverbal seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia sing their hearts out.

3. Work out more efficiently  

Working on your fitness routine is a lot more fun with your favorite tunes, because it improves your mood, helps your body exercise more efficiently and distracts you from how hard you’re working, which leads to better endurance.

At John Knox Village, we have a variety of group fitness classes that let you groove to the beat while you’re working up a sweat. Join our senior living community in Lee’s Summit, and try Aqua Zumba, Golden-n-Groovin and much more!

4. Boost your mood 

This benefit of music will have you heading to the dance floor or hitting the stage time and time again.

Research has shown that activities like singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument release dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin.

Just like a seasoned runner, every time you join your choir for a song or dance the night away with your spouse, you sense a feel-good rush that improves your mood and reduces anxiety.

5. Broaden your social network

Music is a great way for older adults to broaden their social networks and develop deeper relationships with their friends and family. It draws people together and opens lines of communication that spark insightful communication.

We have an abundant selection of musical activities our residents can enjoy at John Knox Village. Grab your instrument and join a music group, try your hand at acting in the theatre group, or sing praises in the choir.

6. Jump-start your creativity

If you’re feeling uninspired, experts recommend listening to what your kids or grandkids are listening to. Often adults continue to listen to the same songs and genres they did when they were younger. However, new music challenges your brain in a way old music doesn’t.

Though it may sound unpleasurable at first, new music will expand your concept of the world and inspire you to use music in your own way too. So the next time your grandkid offers you the other headphone, take a listen and see where it takes your creativity.

7. Fall asleep faster

One of the most notable benefits of music is that it helps you sleep by calming parts of your autonomic nervous system, which controls your involuntary actions like the beating of your heart and breathing.

Listening to calming music before bed leads to slower breathing, a lower heart rate and reduced blood pressure. It’s also the perfect distraction for older adults who have anxious or troublesome thoughts right before bedtime.


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