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John Knox Village Provides Plenty of Opportunities to Live Your Best Life

“If you are bored here at the Village, it is by choice,” resident Carol Bolin says jokingly.

Carol said she is continually amazed at the wide variety of programs and activities offered through the Lifestyles department that keep residents active and engaged.

Carol has particularly enjoyed the Senior Learning Network offerings and said she has learned so much through attending them.

“There are so many programs and speakers that I wouldn’t have been able to hear or learn from had I not been living at the Village,” Carol said. “It’s just astounding what is available here. And I will often invite neighbors or friends who don’t necessarily attend a lot of events, and they always tell me they would have missed out on so much if they hadn’t gone.”

The Lifestyles department is led by Melissa McKay, Lifestyles supervisor, along with two Lifestyles assistants, Christine Loftis and Sindy Goodall. Together, the group works to provide a wide variety of social, educational, musical and emotional opportunities. These include everything from musical entertainment, lectures, social gatherings, dance and art lessons, KC metro area trips, lifelong learning opportunities, book club and more.

“We are dedicated to offering experiences that are mentally stimulating, creative, fun and exciting with a scope of activities, groups, movies, trips and music to keep residents as busy as they choose to be,” Melissa said. “We never want to hear, ‘there is nothing to do!’”

Sindy said she is always eager to hear suggestions from the residents and to turn them into events.

“The residents are a joy to be around,” Sindy said. “They motivate me to want to do my very best for them.”

Christine said her goal is to provide opportunities for residents to gather, converse and learn and hopes that the events create wonderful memories for the residents.


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