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How Does Dan’s Garden Grow?

A key to successful gardening is timing – and John Knox Village resident Dan Yutzy proved that his timing was just about perfect when he moved to his new home on the Village campus in March 2022.

An avid gardener, Dan was able to successfully settle into his new routine, which included participating in the spring growing season at the John Knox Village Gardens.

“I’ve always had a garden, even as a child, and I love to be able to be outdoors,” he said.

Dan works three beds in the Village gardens. Back when temperatures were milder, he cultivated lettuce and spinach. He currently is raising tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and green beans. He shares the fruits of his labors with friends and neighbors.

“It really is a blessing to be able to continue doing something I love,” Dan said. “It’s been great getting to meet all of the other gardeners and getting to know people.”

Dan has had big gardens in past years, harvesting enough corn and other vegetables to fill two freezers. He also has grown more exotic items like bitter melons and eggplants, which he sold to local restaurants. Dan said he has plans to expand his garden next year by growing a larger variety of vegetables.

The John Knox Village Garden is a large, gated garden for John Knox Village residents and associates. It has a variety of beds of different sizes, including raised beds and in-ground plots. The garden also has multiple storage sheds, produce tables for cleaning and ample water hydrants.