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Back in 1978, several events made ripples in history that can still be felt today. For example:

  • Grease was the biggest movie in the world.
  • Garfield the Cat made his newspaper debut.
  • The first Lego man was born.
  • Greg Maxon joined John Knox Village as an associate.

During the 45 years since he first stepped foot on campus, Greg has made a measurable difference in the lives of the thousands of residents he has served through the years, as well as his fellow associates.

Greg was in high school when he started working at the Village in 1978. He began in the dietary kitchen of the original 310-bed Village Care Center, which, at the time, was in the building that is now Village Assisted Living.

After graduation, Greg became a full-time associate and continued working in food service, serving in the department for a total of six years.

In 1984, Greg applied and was hired as a painter in maintenance/operations. Throughout the next 39 years, Greg held a variety of roles in the operations division. Today, Greg is the renovations supervisor. He oversees a team of five associates and works to ensure on-campus renovation projects run smoothly and are completed on time.


Throughout his time at the Village, Greg has seen a lot of change. From the introduction of new housing choices to remembering streets that no longer exist, Greg said although a lot has changed, many things have also stayed the same.

“I have remained working at the Village because it has always been a great fit for me; it’s close to home and there are great residents and employees I get to work with. I appreciate all the relationships I have with both.” Greg said. “It truly is my second family.”

Through the years, Greg has amassed a lot of fond memories of the Village. A favorite one involves the all-associate gatherings that were held at The Pavilion each Christmas season, which Greg said is his favorite holiday and time of year.

“Greg is always thinking of others and always re-members to bring in birthday cards or boxes of candy or plants on special days. He is so thoughtful that he’d do something every day of the week for folks if he could, and he never expects anything in return,” said Jeff Hobbs, manager of renovations. “He enjoys making people happy, and at the end of the day, he cares about the residents and the people that work around him.”


Greg is a member of a very special club of John Knox Village associates who have achieved milestone anniversaries of serving residents and patients in 2023. Currently, there are 3 associates, including Greg, who have celebrated 45 years of service; 7 who celebrated their 40th anniversaries; and 11 who have been a part of the Village staff for 35 to 39 years.

Dan Rexroth, John Knox Village president and CEO, said associate longevity is a positive for residents and patients.

“Consistency, stability, predictability, quality and trust are all words that are attributable to having long-term associates, and residents benefit from the security of know we will be here for them and aren’t going anywhere,” he said. “They are here for the long term and so are we.”

Conversely, since JKV staff work where residents live, associates have a unique opportunity to become more than just casual acquaintances, but real, abiding, and deep friends.

“Our associates see how their service really does make a positive impact in an older person’s life,” Dan said. “These intangible rewards bring meaning and purpose to our everyday work, and that keeps us coming back, even on the tough days. Knowing that your team has unity of purpose in service to others makes a huge difference.”

Greg’s 45 years of service at John Knox Village is an inspiration to us all. He is a valuable member of our team, and we are grateful for his dedication to the residents and our community.


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