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Benefits of Maintenance-Free Senior Living at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit, MO

Welcome to John Knox Village, your premier destination for maintenance-free senior living in the heart of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Here, we redefine retirement, offering you a senior lifestyle filled with opportunities to enjoy life without the hassle of home maintenance.

Learn how our residents enjoy all the perks and benefits of maintenance-free living.

Embrace a Lifestyle of Convenience and Comfort

At John Knox Village, maintenance-free living means more than just the absence of household chores. It’s about creating a foundation for a lifestyle that prioritizes your health, happiness, and personal growth.

Bid Farewell to Tedious Tasks

Sell your lawn mower and forget about lawn care, yard work, repairs, and the endless to-do list. Our maintenance-free senior living residences give you back your time so you can:

Explore Hobbies and Interests

From art classes to book clubs, immerse yourself in activities that spark joy.

Travel Without Worries

Take that vacation or road trip to visit family, knowing your home is cared for in your absence.

Cherish Moments with Loved Ones

Strengthen bonds with family and friends, undistracted by household duties.

Forget about Seasonal Maintenance

No more seasonal chores like snow removal, gutter cleaning, or preparing your home for winter.

Say Goodbye to Homeowner’s Association Fees

Transitioning to a senior living community designed with your needs in mind not only lifts the burden of property upkeep but also liberates you from the extra costs associated with traditional home ownership, such as personal property tax.

Boost Your Health and Happiness

The absence of maintenance tasks means less stress and more time for self-care, leading to:

Improved physical well-being

Focus on staying active and enjoying wellness programs.

Enhanced Mental Health

Experience less stress knowing your home’s upkeep is in professional and trustworthy hands.

Richer Social Connections

Engage in community events and social gatherings, enhancing your sense of belonging.

Discover the John Knox Village Difference

Located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, John Knox Village is more than a place to live — it’s a community where you can thrive. Our commitment to maintenance-free living is just the beginning. We offer a vibrant lifestyle filled with opportunities for personal growth, social interaction, and health and wellness.

Why Choose Maintenance-Free Living?

Freedom to Live Your Retirement the Way You Want

John Knox Village will support your desires to learn, grow, and explore in your retirement years.

A Commitment to Your Well-being

From fitness facilities to wellness programs, John Knox Village is designed with your health and wellness in mind. Stay active with a fitness center, swimming pool, golf course, and a variety of exercise classes.

A Connected, Supportive Community

Find friendship, support, and a sense of belonging among peers who share your interests and values.

Additional Conveniences John Knox Village Residents Enjoy

Living at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit offers residents a myriad of conveniences designed to enhance their lifestyle and well-being, including:

Variety of Senior Housing Options

Choose from a variety of living spaces including single-family homes, apartments, villas, and cottages

On-Site Health Care Services

Comprehensive long-term health and wellness services including assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care are available at John Knox Village.

Diverse Dining Options

Multiple dining venues on campus offer delicious and nutritious, chef-prepared meal choices.

Vibrant Social Life

A packed calendar of events, clubs, and activities to keep residents engaged and connected with neighbors.

Beautiful Campus

Well-maintained grounds featuring walking paths, a garden, and outdoor recreation areas.

Cultural and Educational Opportunities

Lifelong learning discussions, performances, concerts, and trips that enrich your life and stimulate your mind.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Your furry friend is welcome in your new home.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved and give back to the community through various volunteer roles.

Easy Access to Lee’s Summit and Greater Kansas City Attractions

Proximity to shopping, dining, entertainment, and healthcare facilities in the charming city of Lee’s Summit and the Greater Kansas City community.

Ready to Experience Maintenance-Free Living at John Knox Village?

Experience the joy of maintenance-free senior living at John Knox Village. Explore our community’s offerings and see how we can support your retirement lifestyle.

John Knox Village is a leader in senior living and care in Lee’s Summit and the greater Kansas City community. From free-standing homes and apartment homes to cottages and villas, there’s a place for you at John Knox Village. With more than 700,000 square feet of common space across the beautiful campus, you’ll find more opportunities and experiences right outside your door.

Contact us or call (816) 261-8000 to learn more about our maintenance-free senior living options or to schedule your personal tour today.