Who Do We Serve?

A Message from Our CEO

Who do we serve?

Those of us who work here know that John Knox Village has a lot of services and that we serve a lot of people. We also know our primary mission is to serve seniors. But we don’t often take the time to talk in more detail about the numbers.Today I thought I would take you on a little deeper dive into who we serve.  Here are some facts:

  • This past year we served 7,246 distinct people. Our Home Health area served 2,464; EMS (ambulance) = 1,968; Village Care Center = 1,129; Independent Living = 1,056; Hospice = 395; and Assisted Living = 234. Obviously, some folks were served more than once with visits, ambulance runs, or admission to one of our care areas, but these numbers only represent the number of different people we served last year.
  • Our mission is to primarily serve seniors. But do we serve any younger folks? If so, how many and with what services? Here is the number of people we served last year under 60 years of age by service type: Home Health = 549; EMS = 482; VCC = 27; Hospice = 26; Independent Living = 9; and Assisted Living = 0. [These numbers are not distinctively different people so some may have been served more than once.] One observation I would make here is that our outreach and community service areas touch the lives of people all across the age spectrum.
  • What about the oldest people we serve?  How many lives have we touched in the past year of those over 100 years of age? Here are the numbers:  EMS = 40; VCC = 21; Hospice = 13; Home Health = 9; Independent Living = 8; and Assisted Living = 6. [Again, these numbers were not generated as distinct people, so some individuals could have been served more than once.]
  • What age group is the most common for our services? In every service area except Assisted Living, the most common age group represented (5-year increments) are people between the ages of 85-89. In Assisted Living, there are the most folks living there in the 90-94 age cohort.

While we could look at a million other interesting facts, I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about those that we serve.

We count people because people count.

Dan Rexroth
President & CEO
John Knox Village