What do the numbers mean?


John Knox Village strives to keep friends of the Village informed about how COVID-19 is affecting our community. To read current news and information and to learn about the current number of positive cases in independent living, assisted living and/or skilled nursing, please read the “Summary of Cases on the John Knox Village Campus” or the updates that are posted for the individual levels of care. It’s important to understand this information because there are so many facts and figures can change so quickly.

For example, multiple media outlets recently reported about the number of positive cases at the Village Care Center. Unfortunately, most of the reports referred to “John Knox Village” as a whole rather than the actual area to which they were referring – in this case, the Village’s skilled nursing center.

What’s more, many of the reports included a number that was posted on the Jackson County Health Department web site. It is not indicative of the current number of active residents cases. Rather, the figure represents a single outbreak, defined as the number of people who have tested positive before 28 days have passed without any additional cases. The number is a snapshot in time and consists of both associates and residents who have tested positive.

As always, the Village is staying in very close communication with local, regional, county, and state authorities to ensure we are taking all of the appropriate steps under current circumstances. We also are following guidance from CMS and the CDC to reduce the impact of COVID-19. If you have questions about anything that you read or hear, please email Brian Opoka, director of public safety, at bopoka@jkv.org.