Village Helpers moves under Village Home Health ‘umbrella’

By Rodney McBride, VP of Community Health Services

Congratulations to Lori Qualls, formerly Village Helpers manager, who has accepted the new position of VCC onboarding coordinator in the human resources department. Lori’s move has prompted our Community Health Services group to look closer at who Village Helpers and Village Home Health serve and how they can better work together to provide the best possible services and outcomes for their patients and clients. We also looked at how they can make their operations more efficient. This led us to move Village Helpers under the Village Home Health organizational umbrella.

Effective last week, both are being managed by Village Home Health Director Melinda Ward. This change will provide opportunities for better collaboration to meet the needs of clients and patients, especially since the individuals in need of the services are often very similar, and are sometimes the same people. We are excited about the opportunities for growth we think this brings to both of these.