Two New Positive COVID-19 Cases on the JKV Campus

John Knox Village has had two associates with positive test results this week.

Village Care Center: A non-direct care new hire’s results came back positive, as part of the VCC’s hiring and orientation process. Those who were determined to have had the closest contact have been tested and remain off work, pending results.

Independent Living: One associate in the Sales, Marketing and Communications department has tested positive. This person has limited contact with others outside of this department. Their last day worked was Wednesday, Aug. 5, testing took place Aug. 6 and results were returned the morning of Aug. 7. All members of the department have been tested. Five results have come back negative, and we are awaiting the remaining results.

COVID-19 in the News:

‘Seven nursing homes in eastern Jackson County on list of current COVID-19 outbreaks’

We hear you – you want the country to re-open. You miss hanging out with your friends and family, going to parties and sporting events, and care-free traveling, shopping and dining in restaurants. But caution is still warranted. Take a look at this article from yesterday’s Kansas City Star. If you’re wondering about the numbers here at John Knox Village, scroll down to the end of this message. And you can always find the latest information on our website at

‘Even Asymptomatic People Carry the Coronavirus in High Amounts’

There is still a great deal of misinformation out there regarding the ability of those who have no symptoms – yet test positive for the virus – and whether they can spread it to others. A New York Times article this week cites a new study that supports the findings that people who either develop symptoms later (pre-symptomatic) OR never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) do, indeed, appear to “carry just as much virus in their nose, throat and lungs as those with symptoms, and for almost as long.”

Later in the article, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was quoted: “The good news about Covid-19 is that about 40 percent of the population have no symptoms when they get infected,” Dr. Fauci said. But “even though you are likely not going to get symptoms, you are propagating the outbreak, which means that you’re going to infect someone, who will infect someone, who then will have a serious consequence.” 

REMEMBER: Any time you are tested, please:

  • Notify Public Safety if you test positive, so we can help reach out to Village friends and neighbors to encourage them to shelter in place and get tested.
  • Remember that this is just a snapshot in time. It does not indicate whether you have had it in the past – NOR does is tell you whether you might get it in the future. There is much that is not known about this particular virus. Take nothing for granted.

To summarize our current status with COVID-19 cases:

Village Care Center: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/7/20:

  • 2 residents and 13* associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 2 residents and 12 associates have recovered from COVID-19

Village Assisted Living: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/7/20:

  • 1 resident and 3 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 1 resident and 3 associates have recovered from COVID-19

All Village areas outside of VCC and VAL:
Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/7/20:

  • 6 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 4 associates have recovered from COVID-19

*1 is a non-JKV employee who works in the building. We have had some cases that, upon re-testing, we suspect they may have been false positives. We are erring on the side of caution and counting them as testing positive and as recovered.

3/14/20 is when the John Knox Village campus began steps to close to visitors.