September 2020 Village Assisted Living Memory Care Updates

Sept. 18, 2020

We learned yesterday evening that a direct care associate on Memory Care 1 who was swabbed on Sept. 16 has tested positive for COVID-19. This person was exposed to someone outside of Village Assisted Living who was positive for the virus and was swabbed as a precaution.  The most recent shift worked by this associate, who works only occasionally, was on September 7.  Per the Jackson County Health Department, because the associate is asymptomatic, and enough time elapsed between their last shift and the date of diagnosis, we will not be conducting additional testing at this time.

Also, on Sept. 15, the Village Assisted Living team retested associates who came in contact with a non-direct care employee on Memory Care 3 who, as we previously announced, has no patient interaction and very little face-to-face interaction with staff who tested positive for the virus. We have received all results back, and I am pleased to report all of these results have come back negative!

To summarize the Village’s current status with COVID-19 cases:

Village Assisted Living: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 9/18/20:

  • 2 residents and 9 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 2 residents and 8 associates have recovered from COVID-19

Village Care Center: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 9/17/20:

  • 6 residents and 22 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 6 residents and 16 associates have recovered from COVID-19

All Village areas outside of VCC and VAL

Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 9/18/20

  • 9 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 8 associates have recovered from COVID-19

We have had some cases that, upon re-testing, we suspect they may have been false positives. We are erring on the side of caution and counting them as testing positive and as recovered. 3/14/20 is when the John Knox Village campus began steps to close to visitors.

As we keep reinforcing with our associates, please stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands often, wear your mask, and protect others from COVID-19.