January 2021 Village Care Center Updates

  • Jan. 31: No new cases.
  • Jan. 30: No new cases.
  • Jan. 29: No new cases.
  • Jan. 28: No new cases.
  • Jan. 27: No new cases.
  • Jan. 26: No new cases.
  • Jan. 25: No new cases.
  • Jan. 24: No new cases.
  • Jan. 23: No new cases.
  • Jan. 22: No new cases.
  • Jan. 21: An associate in a non-patient care role has tested positive.
  • Jan. 20: No new cases.
  • Jan. 19: No new cases.
  • Jan. 18: No new cases.
  • Jan. 17: No new cases.
  • Jan. 16: No new cases.
  • Jan. 15: No new cases.
  • Jan. 14: No new cases.
  • Jan. 13: No new cases.
  • Jan. 12: No new cases.
  • Jan. 11: No new cases.
  • Jan. 10: No new cases.
  • Jan. 9: No new cases.
  • Jan. 8: No new cases.
  • Jan. 7: One associate, who works in the isolation unit, tested positive.
  • Jan. 6: No new cases.
  • Jan. 5: Two associates tested positive; one in direct care in the memory care unit and the other in non-direct care.
  • Jan. 4: One associate, who works in a non-direct care role, tested positive during routine testing.
  • Jan. 3: No new cases.
  • Jan. 2: No new cases.
  • Jan. 1: No new cases.

Jan. 29, 2021

Another week has gone by, and I am happy to report that we have not seen any new COVID+ test results for our residents and associates!  We are now four weeks from our last COVID+ residents and eight days since our last COVID+ associate.  

Secondly, I wanted to remind you that our second vaccine clinic is Wednesday, Feb. 3.  It will be an opportunity for all residents and associates to receive their booster shot (if this is their second dose) or their primer shot (if this is their initial dose).  As of right now, we have more than 160 associates and 140 residents registered to receive their vaccine, which is terrific news.  Last month’s 2-day clinic went very smoothly, and we plan to follow similar procedures this time.

Lastly, we continue to work with our state and federal regulators for guidance on re-opening.  While we are still awaiting their guidance, we are working in the background on some contingency plans for how we can allow visitation, even something significantly modified, so residents and their loved ones can see each other in person.  While I do not have a date at this point, we believe we are getting very close.  As soon as we have a plan together I will be passing it along for you all to review.  

Elsewhere in the Village

Village Assisted Living. One non-direct care associate received a positive test result on Jan. 25, and one direct care associate in Memory Care 3 who last worked Thursday, was confirmed as positive today. Due to this, associates there will wear level three surgical masks with face shields or goggles, and residents’ vital signs will be checked four times per day while also being encouraged to remain in their rooms. Additional testing in that area will begin on Monday, and their second round of vaccinations will take place on February 8.

Independent Living. One resident has passed away in the past week. It is so hard to watch this kind of loss shift from one part of the Village to another, I am so sorry for all those involved. Additionally, one resident was confirmed as positive on Jan. 23. On a more upbeat note, today was Day 5 of their five-day vaccination clinic—during which more than 900 independent living residents received their first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine! This was an incredible effort that included associates from all across the Village, and I have heard nothing but good things about what a streamlined operation it was.

All parts of the Village have now had the opportunity to receive their first shot, which is great news.

While all of the VCC’s key indicators are moving in the right direction, we still must be vigilant in continuing all our preventative measures. We know one of the key factors in allowing us, and any long-term care provider, to safely re-open will be the community positivity rate. Therefore it is incumbent on all of us, both inside and outside of the Village Care Center, to help slow the spread so we can reunite those who have been apart for so long.

Jan. 22, 2021

I wanted to give you all a brief COVID-19 update for this week.  First of all, we conducted routine testing of all residents and I am ecstatic to report that all results came back negative!  Secondly, in our second round of testing all associates we had just one new COVID+ case.  The associate is in a non-direct care position and last worked yesterday.  

I also wanted to let you know that we are still awaiting guidance on any steps toward re-opening.  We continue to work with our various trade associations to press state and federal officials for guidance, because we know how critical it is for our residents and families to be together physically, once again.  As soon as I have any information, I will let you all know.

Lastly, our second vaccine clinic will be Wednesday, Feb. 3, during which all residents and associates who got their primer dose in January can receive their booster dose. Those who originally opted out of, or missed, the first clinic also have the opportunity to get their primer dose.  We will be providing more information as we get closer to that date, but I am thankful for all of your assistance with the consents and other administrative components.  This made the first clinic run very smoothly and will allow for the second one to be even better.

Village Assisted Living  

I’m sure the residents, associates and families have gone through many emotions this past week. While grieving the loss of a resident last week due to complications related to COVID-19, they also had joy in knowing that 190 residents and associates received their first (primer) dose of the Moderna vaccine on Monday, Jan. 11. The next day, more than 200 residents and associates were tested, with only one positive COVID-19 test result for a resident in Memory Care 2. At the end of the week, associates and residents were re-tested, and all results were negative. On top of that, they received the good news that on Feb. 1 renovations will begin in the corridors and common spaces in the original portions of the building. Their last facelift was new paint and carpet in 2010, so I know they’re excited for that.

Independent Living
Three more Independent Living residents tested positive, as well as four associates who work in different parts of the Village. Next week CVS will return to campus to run a five-day clinic to vaccinate 930 independent living residents who have registered for the inoculation. Five days! What an enormous, and important, undertaking.

Please keep yourselves safe. The infection rate in this area is extremely high. Keep up with all of the safety measures we’ve been following: wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and avoiding large groups. Even if you’ve already had the virus. Even if you’ve had the vaccine. We will be doing the same here. We are so close to the finish line. Let’s finish strong together.

Jan. 15, 2021

I wanted to send you a brief update with the events that have unfolded this past week. 

First and foremost—and for the first time in a long time—I am thrilled to report that we do not have any new resident OR associate COVID+ cases!  

To help us stay aware of any changes, we will continue to test all residents weekly until we are 14 days out from our last positive test (associate or resident).  Additionally, we will continue to test our associates twice weekly until the Jackson County, MO positivity rate drops below 10% (currently sitting at 16%).  

Vaccinations.  We are now nine days out from our first vaccination clinic and I am happy to share that all residents and associates are doing well, and no one had a serious adverse reaction. Our second clinic is scheduled for three weeks from now, and all VCC residents and associates who received the first dose at our clinic last week can get their booster shot at that time. Additionally, VCC associates and residents, as well as Village associates who missed the first clinic have an opportunity to get their primer dose that day. CVS will return one more time, about four weeks after this, to provide booster shots only.

Village Assisted Living.  I would like to extend my condolences to the family, friends and caregivers of one more resident who passed away due to complications related to COVID-19 since my last letter. Scheduled testing and follow-up testing have yielded hundreds of negative results, and only 1 positive associate test and 1 positive resident since my last letter. A schedule of re-testing for residents and associates is in place, and additional safety measures are in place for the near future, as well.

On Monday, Jan. 11, about 190 Village Assisted Living residents and associates received their first dose of the vaccine. They also announced this week that they are scheduled to begin an ambitious renovation project on Feb. 1, with a goal of updating the walls, floors, ceilings, trim and fixtures to more closely match the newer portions of their building and give the residents fresh, new and attractive surroundings.

Independent Living.  Between Jan. 8-15, there was 1 additional independent living resident with positive COVID-19 test results, and three associates in departments outside of the Village Care Center and Village Assisted Living. John Knox Village conducts its own thorough contact tracing, and associates and residents are contacted by the Village if there is a possibility that there was an exposure.  Looking to the future, more than 900 Independent Living residents who elected to receive the vaccine are scheduled to get their first doses during a 5-day clinic that will run from January 25-29.

Re-opening.  I continue to get questions regarding re-opening once the vast majority of our residents are vaccinated, and I still do not have any information.  We continue to ask for guidance from our state, county and national regulatory bodies, as we recognize the critical importance of having dining, group activities, and most importantly, visitors.  As soon as I have some guidance I will let you all know. 

Since it now appears to be a question of when and not if we can re-open to visitors, we finally have what we have not felt in such a long time: Hope.  To celebrate that hope, the team decided to make a video celebrating our residents close to being safe from the virus and physically reconnected with their loved ones.  I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.  

Jan. 8, 2021

Our day finally came.  Ten months after we closed our doors, countless moments of pain and agony, anxiety and worry, and we had our first vaccination days.  I have written so many e-mails the past few months that I hoped I would never have to write; it feels so good to finally write one of joy, hope, and promise.  

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, we were able to give primer dose vaccinations to 130 Village Care Center residents and 400 associates from the VCC and elsewhere around the Village who elected to participate!  Though the days were long and strenuous, we were able to get everything completed, and these residents and associates have now had their first of two doses. 

Many have asked, “Now that my loved one is vaccinated, when can I see them?”  We are currently waiting for official guidance from CMS and the State, but it is our hope that residents will be able to have visitation two weeks or so after their second (booster) dose of the Moderna vaccine (mid-February).  There is much we do not know yet, so please be patient.

The past ten months have been agonizing for all of us.  Many have had to say goodbye to people they loved so deeply. Many have lost moments, holidays, hugs, and so many other things.  For the first time in a very long time, I am hopeful that we can bring an end to this seemingly endless chapter of our lives. 

Be well. Stay safe. Don’t let your guard down. Let’s finish strong together.