Face Masks Required in Jackson County Effective July 1

By requiring people to wear masks when in public spaces, Jackson County, Missouri, has joined Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Wyandotte County, Kansas; the State of Kansas; and John Knox Village – which made wearing face coverings in public areas a requirement earlier this month.

However, with Jackson County’s newest announcement, now residents of independent living must also wear face coverings when out and about on the campus.

Per the Jackson County Health Department, effective Wednesday, July 1, face coverings must be worn in all buildings open to the public and in public outdoor settings. These community changes are in response to a continued increase of COVID-19 cases in Jackson County and the surrounding area.

What you need to know now:

  • All associates and contractors already are required to wear fabric face coverings at the Village when they will be in places where they will be likely to encounter others. This is also true for Village Care Center and Village Assisted Living residents (with exceptions based on health).
  • The Jackson County order now means that the requirement extends to independent living. Until now, independent living residents have been “strongly encouraged” to wear face coverings, and there has been a limited amount of cooperation.
  • Keep a face covering with you, and always wear one in building corridors. Even if you intend stay more than 6 feet from others, in a communal environment, there is always the potential to come into close contact with someone.
  • Need a mask? Many stores are now selling fabric masks, including several in the shopping center across the street. The General Store may also have some for sale next week. Stay tuned!
  • While keeping at least a 6-foot physical distance between people does lower the possibility of transmission, health authorities continue to say that it is equally important to wear a face covering at the same time. It is not an either-or proposition.

“This is so important! While we will not have the ‘mask police’ patrolling the campus, we do expect that residents will follow this directive with the same level of respect that they give to any other public health requirement,” said Maria Timberlake, vice president of senior living. “You rely on us to adhere to food safety requirements to prevent the spread of food-borne illness, as well as following sanitation requirements in health care settings. Now we are relying on you, and on our shared sense of P.R.I.D.E. and responsibility to ourselves and others in the community. Wear a mask—a face covering—and protect your friends and neighbors. Please protect those of us who come to work every day.”