December 2020 Village Care Center Updates

  • Dec. 31: No new cases.
  • Dec. 30: One associate in non-direct care tested positive.
  • Dec. 29: One resident on the 200 side of the long-term care neighborhood tested positive, as did two associates – one who is in direct care and the other in non-direct care.
  • Dec. 28: No new cases.
  • Dec. 27: No new cases.
  • Dec. 26: No new cases.
  • Dec. 25: No new cases.
  • Dec. 24: No new cases.
  • Dec. 23: No new cases.
  • Dec. 22: One resident who lives in the 200 side of the long-term care neighborhood has tested positive.
  • Dec. 21: No new cases.
  • Dec. 20: No new cases.
  • Dec. 19: No new cases.
  • Dec. 18: One associate who works primarily in the long-term care neighborhood has tested positive.
  • Dec. 17: No new cases.
  • Dec. 16: One associate who works in direct care in the long-term care neighborhood has tested positive.
  • Dec. 15: Three residents who live in the 200 unit of the long-term care neighborhood have tested positive.
  • Dec. 14: No new cases.
  • Dec. 13: No new cases.
  • Dec. 12: An associate who works does not work in a direct care area tested positive on Saturday. The last day worked was Dec. 11.
  • Dec. 11: No new cases.
  • Dec. 10: One non-nursing associate tested positive. The last day worked was Dec. 7
  • Dec. 9: No new cases.
  • Dec. 8: Three residents on the long-term care neighborhood tested positive, as did one associate who tested positive as part of routine testing.
  • Dec. 7: One resident on the long-term care neighborhood tested positive and one associate tested positive as part of routine testing. The associate is a direct-care provider who primarily works on the 200 side of the long-term care neighborhood.
  • Dec. 6: No new cases.
  • Dec. 5: One resident on the long-term care neighborhood tested positive.
  • Dec. 3-5: No new cases.
  • Dec. 2: Three residents on the long-term care neighborhood tested positive, as did an associate in housekeeping who last reported for work on Dec. 2.
  • Dec. 1: Two residents in the memory care neighborhood tested positive. Two associates in nursing on a long-term care neighborhood who last reported for work on Dec. 1 also tested positive.

Dec. 30, 2020

First and foremost, I am so sorry to inform you that we have lost two more of our beloved residents due to complications from COVID-19.  Although the number of new cases continues to decrease, the pain and devastation this virus causes has not.  We continue to fight using all the tools and tactics we can. But we need help. Thankfully, help is finally on its way. 

After nine long and anguishing months, we have finally received the date of our COVID-19 vaccine clinic.   CVS will be onsite on Wednesday, Jan. 6. to administer vaccines to all our residents and associates who have elected to participate in the first round of inoculations.  For those of you who have already provided consent and a copy of your loved one’s insurance cards, thank you.  For those who have not, there is still time; but we do need this information as soon as possible.  This is obviously a very exciting development, and it is the first sign that we will soon be able to start helping our residents return to a sense of normalcy.  

In other COVID-19 developments, we have had one additional resident on the 200 side of the long-term care neighborhood test positive for the virus this week. All other resident tests came back negative. 

Regarding our associates, three new associates tested positive for the virus; two are non-direct care and one is in direct-care. We will continue performing associate testing twice weekly until Jackson County’s positivity rate goes down.

Also, I want to offer my personal apology for the phone outage we experienced over Christmas.  For those of you who were impacted, I am truly sorry.  While it appears the issue that caused the outage was unavoidable, we needed to do a much better job of communicating the outage and updates, and for that I am sorry.

Village Assisted Living

I am very sorry to share that last week Village Assisted Living lost two more residents because of COVID-19 complications. Testing continues for both residents and associates in the area resulting in two residents who tested positive for the virus. Additionally, two associates also tested positive. Finally, CVS has also confirmed Jan. 11 as the date for a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Village Assisted Living. Everyone is very excited about this new development!

In other areas of the Village

Elsewhere in the Village, there have been four residents and nine associates who have tested positive since our last report. The vaccination clinic for independent living residents is set for the week of Jan. 25.  

Lastly, I want to wish each of you a safe and happy new year.   I know that 2020 has been a year that we are all ready to move past and one that we will never forget.  I am so optimistic for 2021 and hope that we can close this chapter and begin a new one – one that includes visitors, activities, communal dining, Thanksgiving dinner, and an overall infusion of joy and vitality here at the VCC.  

Dec. 23, 2020

I wanted to give a brief update on COVID-19 within the VCC.  First, we have had one new resident from the 200 side of the long-term care neighborhood test positive for COVID-19 this week as a part of routine testing of that neighborhood.  All other residents within the VCC tested negative.  While we believe we are nearing the end of the outbreak, we know we can never take that for granted. The virus continues fighting – and so are we.

Regarding the vaccine, we still do not have a date for our first clinic with CVS, but there are some indications that it could happen soon.  The key, now, is to be sure we’re ready as soon as they say, “Go!” If you haven’t already heard from us, we will be reaching out to you all this week to seek consent to vaccinate your loved one the (still unknown) day of our clinic.  I can tell you that we’ve asked our Independent Living residents what their intentions are, and with two-thirds of the results in, 97% of them have said, “Yes, I want to get the vaccine.” That gives me a tremendous sense of hope.

It is so important that we get all of the paperwork ready now, so we do not have any issues once we are notified the date of our clinic.  Please have a copy of both sides of your loved one’s current insurance card ready for us.  Again, this will help us streamline the vaccine process when our date arrives.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to the vaccine, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the managers.  We want everyone to have enough knowledge and understanding of the vaccine that you feel comfortable in yours, and your loved one’s, decision. If you prefer to do your own research, I highly recommend the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ “Stronger Together” site:

Village Assisted Living
I am extraordinarily sad to say that Village Assisted Living has lost two residents due to conditions related to COVID-19. These are the first losses they have experienced and I know they are as devastated as we have been. My heart goes out to the families, friends and neighbors of these residents, as well as those who have worked among them and befriended them over the years.

Lots of regular testing and follow-up testing has been going on in their building, and only two associate positive cases have been reported in the last week. They also are waiting for notification from CVS as to when their vaccine clinic date will be.

Other Parts of the Village
Elsewhere in the Village, there have been four additional associates who tested positive, and five recoveries. To protect the privacy of associates outside of our licensed facilities, all future positive cases will be reported as a single overall group, rather than by department. John Knox Village conducts its own thorough contact tracing. Associates and residents will be contacted by the Village if there is a possibility that there was an exposure.

Lastly, as we approach the holiday season, I want to thank each and every one of you for the patience and grace you have shown us this year.  I know this has been an incredibly challenging year – for many of us it was the most difficult we have ever endured.  As I reflect on what we have come through this past year, I do not think we would have made it without the kindness and support you have shown us during this time. 

As the holidays approach, please be diligent in continuing your mask wearing, social distancing, and avoiding gathering with people outside of your household. We are nearing the time when vaccines will become available, but our hospitals are still operating at peak capacity. It is important to stay vigilant in our practices.

For my part, I hope that each of you has a blessed and safe holiday.  While I’m sorry that our residents and loved ones will have to endure an additional meaningful day separated by distance,  I am hopeful that we will be able to be together soon.  

Stay well,


Dec. 16, 2020

I wanted to send you a brief update with some information on the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to our residents and associates. First and foremost, we do NOT have a date when CVS will be coming onsite for our clinic(s).  We do know the following:

  • The state of Missouri has decided to distribute the Moderna vaccine to nursing homes, due to the more challenging nature of handling the cold-chain management that the Pfizer vaccine requires.  The Moderna vaccine is expected to receive Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA this week, meaning distribution can happen as early as next week.
  • Each resident or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare will be required to sign a consent form (attached). We will send out the official copy once we receive it from CVS.
  • Each resident will be required to provide a copy of the front and back of their insurance card.  
  • We will be reaching out to residents and/or DPOAs to discuss the vaccine consent form and try to answer any questions you may have.

Again, once we receive the date for the onsite clinic, we will need to move quickly to gather all the appropriate information to ensure everyone can get the first dose of the vaccine on that day.  Anything that can be done now, such as providing a copy of your loved one’s health insurance card(s), can make our timeline much easier.

COVID-19 Update

Village Care Center. It does appear that things are slowing in our building. Since Dec. 8, we have had only six additional residents test positive, four more have recovered, and there have been no additional deaths. Associate cases have slowed down, as well, with only four additional positive tests, and seven more recovered.  We are cautiously optimistic we are nearing the end of this fight.

Village Assisted Living. There has been one resident and one associate test positive in Memory Care 3 recently, but so far, the additional testing surrounding positive cases, and the regular weekly associate testing results have been negative.

Other Areas of the Village. Independent Living has not had any new residents report positive tests, and one resident has recovered. There have not been any further deaths. Associate positives are scattered: Two in operations, one in dining services, two in home health, and one in dining services; six associates have recovered.

With that news, and the news of the vaccine on the horizon, it feels good to feel hopeful once again.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with any questions you may have.

Dec. 8, 2020

I want to send you an update on our battle with COVID-19. Most importantly, we have lost five additional residents to complications from COVID-19.  I offer my most sincere condolences to these families, as well as to the associates who cared for these residents.  We continue to be heartbroken.

Secondly, we have had five new COVID+ residents on the 200 side of the long-term care (LTC) neighborhood.  All five have been moved to the isolation unit where they are being treated.

Thirdly, we have had one new VCC associate test positive for COVID-19 the past two days.  The individual is a direct-care associate who primarily works on the 200 side of the LTC neighborhood and tested positive yesterday as a part of routine testing.  We are continuing to use all of the safety measures in our arsenal.

Village Assisted Living has re-tested their Memory Care 2 residents after three residents there tested positive on Dec. 1. All of these new results were negative. One direct care associate in this area tested positive.

Two assisted living residents who were tested due to a potential exposure on Dec. 2 have tested positive. Residents who were potentially exposed have been notified, as well as their responsible parties. Re-testing for both groups has been scheduled. They have canceled group activities and in-person dining in Fireside Dining, and they have quarantined the 300 hall of assisted living.

Elsewhere in the Village, three Independent Living residents have tested positive since last reported.  All are symptomatic, and contact tracing resulted in further testing with one of the residents. Associate positives have been reported since last reported in Housekeeping (1), Village Home Health (1), and Village Hospice (1).

Additionally, we have expanded our isolation unit to meet the growing need across all parts of John Knox Village.  As an organization, we made the decision early on that the VCC would be the hub for all COVID+ residents who need a higher level of care.  We are now seeing an increase in John Knox Village cases, as a whole, so we have expanded the isolation unit from 19 beds to 30 beds, with the possibility of expanding to 45, should the need arise. The unit is completely sealed off from the rest of the building. All associates are entering and exiting through an exterior door, and all deliveries are being made through that same exterior entrance, all in order to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination.      

Now for the light at the end of the tunnel. I know you are all wondering about vaccine availability for our residents and associates. On Friday, the Director of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services announced that the state has procured enough of the vaccine to immunize all nursing home residents and associates by the end of the month. 

As a community, the Village will be partnering with CVS for the vaccine distribution and administration.  As you may know, the two leading vaccine candidates each require two doses for full inoculation, three or four weeks apart depending on which one we are given.  We do not yet have the date(s) that CVS will be on site for vaccine administration.  I anticipate that we will communicate with each of you within the next two weeks with more information, as well as a request for consent for your loved one to receive the vaccine.  Please be aware that things could move rapidly once we reach this stage.

Please continue to wear your mask around those not from your household, practice social distancing, and PLEASE do not attend group gatherings. 

Dec. 1, 2020

We are in the middle of our tenth week of the outbreak, and I honestly had hoped that I could send you better news by now. It is with great sadness that I tell you that five additional residents have passed away due to complications from COVID-19.  This virus is absolutely merciless, and it continues to cause much pain and anguish for so many families and so many associates.    

In addition, two more residents who live in the back of our memory care neighborhood tested positive for the virus.  Both were transferred to the isolation unit and currently are being treated.  

Finally, we had four more associates test positive for COVID-19. Two work in nursing; the remaining associates work in non-direct care positions in different departments.  

I also want to make you aware of a change that we are making in how we report positive cases. You may remember reading about the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – otherwise known as CMS – in past messages. CMS is the federal agency that administers the regulations that guide all of our operating decision here at the Village Care Center. Earlier this week, CMS asked that we change the way we report COVID+ cases to our residents’ loved ones and responsible parties. Therefore, effective tomorrow (Dec. 2), we will begin posting new COVID+ cases on our website ( from the previous day. The website will state whether the positive is a resident or associate; where that person lives or works; the date of the positive test; and, for associates, when they last worked.  We will continue our practice of personally contacting the loved ones of residents who may have been in contact with a COVID+ individual.  Additionally, I will continue sending a weekly update about what is happening within the VCC and the broader JKV community.   

Here is a summary of the presence of COVID-19 in other areas of the Village. 

Village Assisted Living. Two Memory Care 2 direct care associates who had negative results during routine rapid testing on Tuesday, Nov. 24, tested positive on Friday, Nov. 27. Both were sent for additional testing due to self-reported COVID-19 symptoms after testing on the 24th.  

On Friday, Nov. 27, Assisted Living and Memory Care 2 residents were tested. These residents were potentially exposed to the virus on Nov. 22 and Nov. 23, respectively.

  • The residents who were tested in Assisted Living all had negative results.    
  • Of the Memory Care 2 residents who were tested, one resident has tested positive for the virus.   

Both groups of residents will be retested Wednesday, Dec. 2.   

Independent Living Residents. Three additional residents of independent living tested positive for the virus late last week. Two were asymptomatic and will be retested. Both have been asked to remain in their homes. The third resident is symptomatic and has remained in their home since symptoms started on Nov. 23.  

Associates Outside of VAL/VCC. Three associates who work outside of Village Assisted Living and the Village Care Center tested positive over the weekend. One associate works in Village Hospice, and two associates work in Village Home Health. Contact tracing is being conducted and further testing is being performed.  

Finally, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all the cards, phone calls, and meals you all have sent our associates.  It truly has buoyed us when we have been at our darkest moments.  You will never know the impact those acts of kindness had on us.    

*From 3/14/20 until the date noted. This is the date John Knox Village began steps to close to visitors.