August 2021 Village Assisted Living Memory Care Updates

Aug. 26, 2020

We learned yesterday afternoon that a direct care associate who was swabbed on Monday, Aug. 24 has tested positive for COVID-19. This was part of our group testing scheduled after an AL (non-memory care) resident tested positive on Aug. 21. (See my Aug. 21 letter.)  The most recent shift worked by this associate, who is asymptomatic, was on Aug. 18.  All others tested as part of this group received negative results.

The Jackson County Health Department’s current guidance is to test those who had contact with someone having a positive result two days prior to diagnosis. In this case, that date would be Aug. 21. Since this person hasn’t worked since Aug. 18, we will not be conducting additional testing at this time.

To be extra safe, though, and per the direction of the John Village Medical director, we will increase vital sign checks from two times a day to four in Assisted Living and in Memory Care 1, 2 and 3.  At this time, all our residents and associates are asymptomatic.

We are working hard to prevent COVID-19 from entering the building and we continue to remain diligent in following our infection control procedures day in and day out. Thank you, again, for your continued support.

To summarize the Village’s current status with COVID-19 cases:

Village Assisted Living: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/26/20:

  • 2 residents and 6 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 1 resident and 5 associates have recovered from COVID-19

Village Care Center: Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/26/20:

  • 5 residents and 17 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 4 residents and 15 associates have recovered from COVID-19

All Village areas outside of VCC and VAL:

Cumulative Totals from 3/14/20 to 8/26/20:

  • 6 associates have had confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses
  • 6 associates have recovered from COVID-19

We have had some cases that, upon re-testing, we suspect they may have been false positives. We are erring on the side of caution and counting them as testing positive and as recovered. 3/14/20 is when the John Knox Village campus began steps to close to visitors.

Aug. 18, 2020

Last week was a busy week, including two notifications of associates with positive test results for COVID-19.  Watch for a separate e-mail with details on the results of all the testing that was completed, but for now I will quickly share that all of the testing we have completed came back negative!

Today I’d like to update you on what else is going on.

Flu Shots: On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Symbria® RX Services will be on site to administer flu shots to our residents.  Flu shots are going to be especially important this year, as the continued presence of the coronavirus in our nation could make flu season even more dangerous. Residents in assisted living will receive their flu shot in the Ambassador Meeting Room from 9 am – 12 pm, and our memory care neighborhoods will follow suit.  Our nursing staff will ensure that residents have the proper paperwork completed prior to the vaccination.  If you have questions, please contact your loved one’s nurses’ station to get more information:

  • Memory Care I – 347-2353
  • Memory Care II – 347-2360
  • Memory Care III – 347-2770

Outside Visits: I hear so many great things about our outside visits!  Thank you for your continued support.  These in-person visits mean so much to the residents, and your compliance with the visitation guidelines helps ensure that we can continue offering them.  Please continue to sign up using the Sign Up Genius website using your loved one’s room number in lieu of his/her name.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued trust with Village Assisted Living as we navigate these unprecedented times together.  If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Aug. 14, 2020

I have some important updates to share with you regarding COVID-19 testing here at Village Assisted Living and our Memory Care 2 neighborhood.

First, we have received all but two of the results back for the associates who were potentially exposed to a co-worker who tested positive on Aug. 10. I am happy to report that all the results from the Aug. 13 collection are negative. This is great news, especially when coupled with the news that all the residents who participated in follow-up testing on Aug. 12 also were negative.

Second, late this afternoon I learned that a caregiver on the Memory Care 2 neighborhood has tested positive for the virus. The associate last worked on Aug. 2 and has not been in the building since then. On Aug. 10, this individual developed symptoms associated with COVID-19 and was tested on Aug. 12.

Because of the positive result, the residents of Memory Care 2, as well as the associates who came into contact with the individual will be tested starting tomorrow morning, per recommendations from state guidelines. All associates, residents and responsible family members have already been notified that the testing will take place.

I will keep you apprised of the results and hope to be able to share good news with you in coming days. Please know, the safety and wellbeing of our residents and associates is my top priority, and we are doing all we can to limit any possible presence of COVID-19 in our buildings.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, and I will do my best to answer them.