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Building a Richer Community

Made up of about 1,800 residents and 1,000 associates who come from different backgrounds, John Knox Village strives to welcome and celebrate its diversity and, through the work of the Harmony at Work Committee, helps residents and associates learn and grow from each others' experiences.

What is the Harmony at Work Committee?

The Harmony at Work Committee is a group of associates from a variety of departments and levels within the organization who are committed to creating ways for the community to learn and grow. Its mission: to recognize and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each member of the John Knox Village community.

Each year the group sponsors educational sessions, community enhancement events and social mixers for residents and associates. Examples of Harmony at Work efforts include:

  • Organize Village-wide drives to collect items for a local women’s shelter, veteran’s organizations and more.
  • Host the Spirit of Harmony Picnic for residents and associates
  • Provide diversity education for member of the Village community
  • Oversee the operation and collection of items for the John Knox Village Food Pantry, a food bank for residents and associates who may be in need.

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